Do you have rocks in your backpack?

Jun 12, 2014 | by: SCC

Dr. James Chestnut used this analogy in a seminar I attended years ago, and it stuck with me.

Imagine you’re born into a swimming pool with a backpack on and water wings. Those water wings have a slow leak, but they have enough air in them to keep you above water for 120 years (which has been proven to be our genetic lifespan by the way).

Let’s continue to imagine ourselves in this scenario. You used to be born into that pool with an empty backpack, but now we know that if you come from a drugged up mom you are born with a stress load. You are actually born with rocks in your backpack. We have babies being born insulin resistant because mom ate nothing but junk food during the pregnancy. Those are just some examples, but let’s imagine you’re born with an empty backpack.

Physical ailments or stressors in your life represent a rock in that backpack. And each time you add a rock to that backpack you sink a little bit lower. Day to day life becomes a bit more of a struggle. It becomes harder and harder to keep your head above water when you have that stress load everyday.

Do you think that if you were in that pool with those rocks in your backpack that the solution would be to take some blood pressure medication to control your blood pressure? It makes no sense for me to throw you some drugs so you can feel better while you sink. It would make a lot more sense for me to pull you out of that pool so we can get those rocks out of your backpack.

We didn’t choose the chiropractic profession so we could help sick people feel better. We got into it so that we can get sick people well!!!

That is the fundamental difference between conventional medical offices (treat symptoms from the outside-in) and what we do here in this office (allow the body to heal itself from the inside-out). We strive each day to get your body functioning the way it was designed to in the first place so that you can reach your health goals. Your health is your most valuable asset, and we thank you for putting your trust in us. 

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