Featured Patients

Nancy McSloy

About my Business

“I work for the Argyle Business Improvement Association. We work with businesses in the Argyle Area to enhance the business area, helping to create a healthy, vibrant, community to live, work, play and shop.  If you would like to contact me, call me at 519-601-8002 or e-mail at argyle.bia@gmail.com.”

How Chiropractic has Helped

“I chose to visit Dr. Scott because I believe in being proactive rather than reactive. Chiropractic Care is exactly what I wanted. I feel better constantly, have more energy and I’m even thinking better. I was able to cope with a broken arm, yet my immune system stayed strong. I would encourage others to Be Proactive and start Chiropractic Care so you can prevent potential future illness.”
                                 ~ Nancy McSloy