Patient Education

Bone Spurs

Let’s examine why a spur develops.  Whenever there is an area that is unstable and therefore cannot ADAPT to the demands placed upon it, the INNATE INTELLIGENCE of the body will do whatever is necessary to STABILIZE THE AREA.  This includes laying down calcium deposits to strengthen the area.  (i.e., “spurs”)

How long will this process continue? Until enough stability has been gained to handle the majority of everyday stresses and strains, and to allow for the healing process to ensue. 

So you see, the formation of a spur is a very important ADAPTATIVE and PROTECTIVE response.  The detection of a spur is usually an incidental finding when an x-ray is taken.   IT DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NECESSARILY A PROBLEM AT THIS TIME!  It CAN mean that, but it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean that. 

Your chiropractor is qualified to determine if a spur is a problem by answering the following questions:

  1. Is there any neurological dysfunction because of this spur?
  2. Is there any musculoskeletal dysfunction in the area that is causing continued degeneration?
  3. Are there any other physical exam findings that correlate to the presence of the spur?
  4. Is this spur possibly causing any organic type of problem because of its proximity to another structure (or is it likely to in the future)?
  5. Are there any symptoms in the area that are most likely due to the presence of the spur?
  6. Do we need to modify our chiropractic technique(s) because of this to avoid the possibility of injury from the adjustment?

If the answer to the first five questions in no, then the spurs are simply evidence that a problem existed AT SOME POINT IN THE PAST, and that the body did what it needed to do AT THAT TIME to keep functioning. 

Unfortunately, however, spurs take 5-20 years to form, so any evidence of spurring correlates with a long-standing subluxation, the longer your corrective care will take to restore and heal your body.

Naturally, make sure you have a chiropractor that knows which techniques to use specifically for you.  In fact, we should be abundantly grateful that our bodies are connected to and powered by such an amazing Life Force that it can do whatever is necessary to continue functioning at as close to optimal level as possible.