Featured Patients

Stephanie Gower

About my Business

 “My Eyes to Yours Photography is located in London, ON. I have been in business for 2.5 years offering newborn, toddler, teen, couples, family, maternity, wedding and headshot sessions. I have an in home studio and also do outdoor sessions. I have always had a love for capturing sweet pictures of my own kidlins and now I am so excited to capture life and love for all my clients and creating memories that last for years!

If you are interested in chatting with me about a photo session you can contact me at 519-868-0016 as well as Stephanie@myeyestoyours.com. I have a full portfolio website www.myeyestoyours.com and I also have a business page on Facebook.   Be sure to check us out there to keep updated on special promotions and giveaways.”

How Chiropractic has Helped

“I came to see Dr. Scott after suffering for a few months from severe right shoulder and neck pain. The pain in my right shoulder was starting to affect me during photoshoots. By the time I finished a session I would go home and be in pain for a couple days or more. I would use heat and ice to try to relieve the pain but it never seemed to do the trick.

 Now that I have been seeing Dr. Scott for over a year I can go out and shoot for hours and even manage a couple sessions in the same day plus come home and start editing right away! I also find that I am all around healthier, no more colds that last for weeks…actually I haven’t had a cold in about 8 months!

I was terrified of trying chiropractic care but now I recommend it to anyone who is suffering from pain. Why suffer and take medication when you can get long lasting relief plus all the extra benefits like more energy, being and feeling healthier and a more restful nights sleep!?! There are so many advantages to Chiropractic care, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”

~ Stephanie Gower